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CMA students and professionals can search and find the right job from corporate institutes from all over Bangladesh.

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Hire the right candidates

Recruiters can post jobs and find the right candidate from a pool of CMA students and professionals.

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CMA member digital database

Search and connect with fellow CMA members by searching digital directory of all CMA members.

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Find the right job

Corporate institutes from all over Bangladesh post jobs daily on the CMA Job Portal. After registering for a free account all CMA students can search and apply to these jobs for free.

Additionally you can create create your professional digital profile on the platform. Additionally you can also upload your CV. This will allow potential recruiters to search and find you on the CMA job portal.

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Hire the right candidates

The ICMAB Job Portal is a one stop destination for potential recruiters looking forward to hire some of the Bangladesh’s best talents. As a recruiter you can register for free and post jobs.

The job post feature has extensive criteria selection options allowing you to pinpoint the characteristics and skill sets you want for a specific job role. Post a job today and hire the right CMA students and professionals.

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Search CMA member digital database

The ICMAB Job Portal comes with a digital database of all CMA members. By signing up as a member you can browse and find your fellow CMA member quickly.

With a member account you can also search and apply to jobs posted by recruiters from corporate institutes all over Bangladesh. You can also search the student digital profile directory to see their qualification and download their CV.

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Hear from our users

The ICMAB Job Portal is a great medium to find and hire the best talents from Bangladesh. Whether you want to find a student or a professional, the platform gives you easy access to post jobs and hire the right candidate.

Zakaria Hossain, FCMAZakaria Hossain, FCMA

I signed up as a member on the platform and can now easily search and find my fellow ICMAB members by browsing the digital member directory, The platform also allows me to search and find students and also apply to latest jobs.

Sharif Amin, ACMASharif Amin, ACMA

As a student the ICMAB Job Portal is greatly beneficial to me. I can browse and find new jobs from corporate institutes from all over Bangladesh and apply for the jobs. I can also create my digital profile and upload my CV for potential recruiters.

Abu Bakar Siddique, Student, ICMAB.Abu Bakar Siddique, Student, ICMAB.

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